Spigot 1.8 Server Update Released

Plugins are back!

A full version of Spigot 1.8 has been released to allow your Minecraft 1.8 Server to have plugins again.
Note - There was a previous "Spigot 1.8" however this was actually just a 1.7 server version that would accept 1.8 client connections.

So what does this mean?

In case you weren't aware, Spigot is like Bukkit except it is faster and now updated to Minecraft Version 1.8 to allow you to run plugins on your Minecraft 1.8 Server. Not only has the Spigot team been working on a 1.8 server version, they've also been working on the main plugins you need for running a server.

Key Spigot Plugins to use on your Server:

Moving Forward

We can only hope further updates will follow, at the moment it looks like quite a few old plugins made for 1.7 Minecraft will not work with this release of Spigot. However it looks like many plugin creators are updating their plugins for this release, so hopefully we'll be back to full functionality soon.

This is a pretty big deal for Minecraft server owners, as running a public server was severely hampered previously as Bukkit is no longer being supported and we can run plugins again using Spigot. We may still have issues in the short term future in regards to plugins, however we're just happy that we can play 1.8 with protection plugins like WorldGuard.

If you'd like all the details regarding this release, please see here. I highly recommend taking a look at this link, as it is very informative and explains the siutation in a lot more detail.

Updated Plugin builds can be found here, as well as in the link provided above. You can also find other Plugins that have been released in the Spigot Resources Page here:

If you have a Server Hosted with us, you can install Spigot by selecting Spigot 1.8 in the Server Type Drop Down Selection Menu in Multicraft.

spigot multicraft

We recommend you make a backup of your world first (just in case) and then remove all your old plugins or rename your old plugins folder to something like "pluginsold". Hit the Save Changes button in multicraft, and restart the server.

Also it's best to install the plugins from the Jenkins website, and install plugins you want to run one at a time, restart the server after each install and checking your server console for errors.

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