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"We use Minecraft Server Australia for all of our hosting. They are superb to deal with and have super fast servers for us in Australia. No longer do we have to put with laggy Minecraft servers hosted overseas. They gave me great support over and above what was necessary when I was setting up and I thoroughly recommend them if you are thinking of setting up a server too." - Sean - MindBuzz, WA

"The guys at Minecraft Server Australia are fantastic! The process of renting a server is smooth and hassle free. I can confidently say that I'll be sticking with this team and recommending them as the knowledge and the service they provide is the best I have experienced yet. They provide Fast, Reliable Servers and are Well Priced." - Tim Boyd, QLD

"Just would like to say how very helpful these guys are! I rent a server with them that was quickly set up, is lag free, easy to manage and the help I've had getting mods explained and uploaded onto the server from these guys has been awesome!! I dunno about anyone else but I had trouble finding a reliable aussie hosted server and I'm very impressed with these guys. They even came onto my server and had a grande tour personalising the deal a little. Very courteous and all around cool guys. Reasonable prices and awesome service!!" - Septu301, VIC

"I've been with these guys for over a year now , trying out most the FTB packs along the way and the server has handled it absolutely fantastic. I have had the most positive experience, learning a lot from their detailed help section and guides. The customer service and support is mind blowing, speedy replies to tickets or even getting new packs uploaded that day, it really feels like they are there to help even when its my fault. Thank you so much for making my Minecraft experience so enjoyable." - Reuben, VIC

"I've been with these guys for over five months since Christmas 2014, absolutely perfect service and customer support! Always have quick and helpful support, have not had any downtime and the performance from their servers is everything I wanted and more. For anyone looking to get a Minecraft server, Minecraft Server Australia is definitely the host I would recommend." - Simon Brown, Auckland

"I have now had my Minecraft Server hosted by Minecraft Server Australia for 6 months and will continue to keep the server with them for many months to come. No lag, a fast server, useful panel interface, amazing customer support - What else can you ask for in a host? Would like to thank these guys, and especially Peter who has been so helpful with setting up my mysql database for logblock and with a number of other times I needed tricky support done." - Jeremy, QLD

"Very happy with the service. I had issues with a previous host not allowing external access to the server MySQL database. No such problem with these guys. Along with no Lag, and a high uptime, I'd have to recommend these guys." - Steven, Brisbane

"These guys are the real deal when it comes to Minecraft server hosting. I tried out another Australian provider and found them to have very little support and there to be a bit of lag on the server. My new server has no lag and these guys are fast and helpful, which, for someone who knows next to nothing about server management and such, is important beyond belief. I highly recommend Minecraft Server Australia for your own server.." - Farindark, WA

"Very impressed with the Service and the quick setup of my Minecraft Server. They helped us get certain mods to work and the server is running perfectly with no issues. Thanks again!" - Leeroybeaver, VIC

"I Highly recommend minecraft server australia, great server speed and helpful customer service. I had a number of issues with Bukkit and accidentally crashed my server as I loaded too many mods and these guys sorted it out straight away." - Winger34, QLD

"You guys are great, thanks for all your help in managing my server with the Multicraft control panel." - PK, NSW