Server Ram Usage

How much ram do I need?

When deciding on how much Ram is required for your Minecraft Server you need to take a few things into account.

First – How Many Players will you be hosting on your server?

Second – How Many Mods or Plugins are you going to be running on the server?
Or what Modpack do you wish to run?

The More players and Mods or Plugins that you are running on your server the more Megabytes of RAM are required to host that server.

If you are planning on using a lot of different Plugins or Mods at once you will need a server with at least 1 GB of Ram.

The current Minecraft Server build also needs to be taken into account. Various new updates to the Minecraft Server software have resulted in higher server load requirements.

As an example of this, Recent updates increased the world creation and load time by 2 fold, resulting in a longer waits for the server to start and process.

Further Minecraft updates are sure to change the behavior of Minecraft in unforeseeable ways, and the more RAM your server has to play with, the better your experience will be.

Also the type of Server Mod pack you install also will be a factor in how much ram you need. Most Tekkit and FTB servers will need at least 1GB of Ram to run without any lag. However some FTB servers like FTB Unleashed which use over 100+ mods need at least 1.5GB of ram and sometimes 2GB of ram depending on how many players are online.

We can upgrade the amount of RAM allocated to your server at anytime, so if you suddenly find yourself with too many Minecraft friends, you can always upgrade your account level.

We Provide top of the line Minecraft Servers, so order your server now and begin your online adventure.

A note on Processing power

Fortunately Minecraft does not make such heavy demands on the CPU as it does the RAM, which is why we organise our pricing structure around RAM instead of CPU power. That being said, we still actively monitor the CPU load on all of our servers, and adjust accordingly.


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