Frequently Asked Questions


Sales Questions

How long will it take for my server to become available?

Once you have made your order and payment is received your server will be setup instantly, and the login details and IP address will be emailed to you.

Is your hosting based in Australia?

Yes our servers are all based in Australia in the Sydney Equinix SY3 datacentre on reliable high speed 1000+mbps Network with DDOS Protection.

Are the servers reliable and stable?

Yes the servers we use are on a fast and reliable high quality network with a high uptime. The only time your server would be down is for rare server maintenance or Multicraft updates. We pride ourselves on our low ping times and fast servers.

Why should I buy a server instead of doing it myself?

Setting up your own Minecraft Server is actually quite tricky, we take the hassle out of it for you. We set it up quickly, make it easy for you to manage online and provide a fast service with high upload bandwidth connections so you can play with your friends with no lag.

What Dedicated Servers do you use?

Our servers are each equipped with the following hardware:
Dual Intel Xeon E5620 Quad Core CPUs
2 x 1TB SAS HDDs
32GB Ram DDR3
1000+Mbps Network
DDOS Protection

Do your servers have DDOS Protection?

Yes all our servers have DDOS protection, through NSFocus Mitigation Devices. So your server will never be affected by nasty trolls that try to take down and DDOS your server.

Can I upload my own Minecraft World to the server?

Yes you can upload your own World to your server via your own FTP Login details.

Can I increase the player slots for my server?

Yes, we can increase the player slots for you upon request. However we don’t usually recommend it, as we set the player slots per plan for optimal performance so there is no lag issues.

What If I want to discontinue my service?

As our service is offered on a month by month basis you are never locked into a long term contract. If you wish to discontinue with us simply login to the client area and submit a cancellation request and you will not incur any cancellation charge or penalty and we can provide you with a backup of your World as well.

How much RAM do I need for my server?

Choosing which plan you get depends on how many players will be using the server and what mods packs or Bukkit plugins will be running. We have more information on this on the following page:

Where is your company based?

We are based in Sydney Australia and are true Minecraft addicts that love the game.

How does the billing work ?

We offer 3 forms of payment through either Paypal, Credit Card or Bank Transfer. You can setup to have your monthly renewal on an automatic Paypal Subscription or Credit Card recurring billing or to manually pay the invoice every month with a Paypal one off transaction, bank transfer into our bank account or credit card payment. You can set these billing options when you sign up and also in the invoice that gets emailed to you.

Do you accept credit card payments?

Yes! We offer payments with credit cards through eWay and our own Merchant Facility with the Commonwealth Bank. We use SSL Encryption and eWays Secure Token payment system so your details are always safe.

Can I load non bukkit mods that need to edit the main .jar file e.g tekkit, forge, etc?

Yes you can. We have the ability for you to upload our own jar files directly to your server, and you can upload any custom mods as you see fit.

I ordered a server how do I get my server details?

Once your order has been made and payment is received we will setup your order instantly and the details will be visible in your client area and they will be emailed to you. We will email you the Multicraft login details and your Server IP address to connect to your server, if you dont receive the email in your inbox, check your spam folder. To View the Server IP address and Multicraft Login Details in the client area Please Read This Tutorial. You can also view the email in your email history in the client area.

What is a unique IP Address?

Purchasing a unique IP address allows you to connect directly to an IP address supplied to you without having to add a port number on the end. Your server will have the default port of 25565. This can make it easier for other people to remember your server address, and allows you to also point your server to a domain name. eg people could connect to an address such as : . It can also reduce the chance of people accidentally joining your server as you are not sharing an IP address with anyone else, and hence less chance your server will get griefed. Also there is less chance your server will be affected by other people who may cause the shared IP address to be flooded with traffic, etc.

Can you reduce your pricing at all?

We cannot reduce our pricing as it stands currently. We use the best dedicated servers available with high quality parts and provide servers with no lag. If we lowered our prices we would have to lower the standard of our servers which would affect the gameplay our customers get. The fact is that it costs more to host dedicated servers in Australia than it does in the United States or Europe, the parts for our servers cost more and so does the bandwidth. We do however currently offer discounts for 3 months purchases saving 10%, 6 month purchases save 20% and 12 month purchases save 25%. We also do run discount promotion codes from time to time as well.

Do your Minecraft Servers work for PC, Mac & Mobile Versions of Minecraft?

We only offer server plans for the PC and Mac Versions of Minecraft. Mojang does not support servers for the Pocket Version so we do not offer it.

Do you allow for New Zealand Customers to purchase a minecraft server?

Yes we do allow for New Zealand Minecraft customers to purchase from us. You can view more on our new zealand minecraft hosting option here.

Support Questions

How can I load custom worlds to my server?

To do this you need to upload the world folder to your server via FTP access. Once you have copied all the files across, in multicraft under advanced options type in the name of the folder you just copied. Then hit Save, and Restart your Server.We also have a more in depth tutorial here on how to load in custom worlds

How do I load a new World on my server?

You can generate a new world on your server in multicraft by typing in a new name in the world field in multicraft, hit save, and then restart the server. This will generate a new world on your server. You can go back to the old world at any time by removing this name from the world field, saving and restarting the server again. We also have a tutorial here on how to load in custom worlds if you wish to do that also.

How do I connect to my server via FTP?

To Connect via FTP download an FTP program like Filezilla, and then connect to the FTP hostname using the details provided in your Server Details email. You can also connect via the Files menu in your multicraft control panel, but this has a limit of 2 megabytes for file transfers. View this process in depth here.

How can I download my world?

When you backup your server using the backup option within the multicraft panel, a zip file will be created on your server. Use an FTP connection to download this zip file.

How do I use plugins/CraftBukkit/Bukkit?

You can download plugins and mods directly from Bukkit here. There are a number of different and fun plugins to enhance your Minecraft experience. You then need to login to Multicraft and select CraftBukkit Latest Recommended Release from the JAR file selection on your server, save and then restart your server. Then login to your server via an FTP program (Filezilla) and upload the plugins you downloaded to the plugins folder, then restart your server.

How do I load a bukkit plugin?

Please watch the video in the question above. You can install plugins easily in multicraft using the Bukkit plugins link on the left menu. Or using an FTP program (Filezilla), you can connect to your server and upload your bukkit plugin files to the /plugins folder. Simply restart the server, and this plugin will now be running on your server. Please note that by default, only ops get plugin/mod access.

How do I install Tekkit or FTB on my Server?

To have Tekkit or FTB installed on your server, you need to have the Wood plan with 1GB of Ram or higher for it to run. You then select the mod pack you want installed using the Server Type selection on your server in multicraft, hit save changes, and restart the server. This will automatically install the modpack on your server for you. You also should generate a new world to get all the modpacks world generation features, to do this type in a new name in the world field in multicraft, save changes, and restart the server again.

How do I change from one modpack to another?

How do I install my own custom jar files and mods?

How do I Install Forge and Forge Mods?

How do I setup OPs / Operators on the server?

By default, there are no Minecraft Server operators, also known as OPs, on your Minecraft Server. Being an OP grants you full permissions on your Minecraft Server. To “OP” yourself or others, you will first need to log into your Multicraft Control Panel, and select your Minecraft Server. Once you have selected your Minecraft server, On the left hand side of your control panel click “Console”. In the text box above the console, type “op “, where is the Minecraft username of the player you wish to OP. For example: “op Player101” (Without the quotation marks). Either click the “Send” button located to the right of the text box, or press the “Enter” key on your keyboard.
You will receive a response similar to “[Server] INFO CONSOLE: Opped Player101”

How do I setup a whitelist / Password my server?

Whitelisting your server prevents users that are not on the list from joining your server. To turn on your whitelist, log into Multicraft, select and start your server and follow these steps: On the left hand side of your Multicraft control panel click the “Console” button. In the console type “whitelist on” Make sure your server is on when you do this. (Without quotation marks). Now your whitelist is on, we can add a user. To add a user type into the console the command “whitelist add playername” (Without quotation, replace playername with your desired player). That player will now be able to connect to your whitelist protected server.Ensure to whitelist yourself, you are not whitelisted by default!

Can you help with setting up Permissions on my server?

We’ll do our best. Unfortunately the constantly changing landscape of permissions plugins means that we can’t be up to date with every permissions system out there. However please email us if you require assistance, and we’ll provide any assistance we can. We recommend using the plugin Group Manager as it allows you to set up permissions for groups, and add users to these groups. The result is you can have multiple tiers of access to commands. This is useful for most Minecraft servers, as it lets you build a community, without it you struggle to balance the right number of admins with users. We have a useful Tutorial here on how to setup Group Manager on your server.

How do I turn off monsters spawning on my world?

From Multicraft under the Config Files area select Server Settings, then turn Spawn Monsters to Disabled.

What can I edit in the server Config Files in multicraft?

From here you can edit the Server Settings to turn off monsters, animals, allow flight and more. Also you can setup Operators to have full admin rights on the server, add Banned players and Banned IP Addresses and setup Whitelisted players and a number of other things.

How do I upgrade or downgrade my plan?

To Upgrade or Downgrade Your Minecraft Server Plan, Login to the client area Click on the Services drop down menu then click on My Services. Then Select the View Details button. Then Select Upgrade/Downgrade if you wish to upgrade your plan. or Select Upgrade/Downgrade Options to order a TS3 or Unique IP Address add on. Then Select the plan you want. We will send you a invoice for the upgrade for the difference in plan prices for the remaining billing period that month. Once payment is received we will upgrade your plan.

My server is down what do I do?

First check that your server is online in Multicraft, you can check the server console and read what it says. Sometimes a server restart will fix a crash or issues related to mods. You may have to disable certain mods if they are causing issues or errors in in the server console. Please contact us if your server still wont load after you have tried this.

How do I cancel my server plan?

To Cancel Your Minecraft Server and Services with us first Login to the client area. Click on the Services drop down menu then click on My Services. Then Select the View Details button on the service you want to cancel. Finally, click on the Management Actions drop down menu and select Request Cancellation. You can select to either schedule the cancellation immediately or on the last day of your service (recommended). We will not charge you again after you submit the cancellation request. If you have a paypal subscription it will be automatically cancelled, and we will not charge your credit card if you have one on our system.