Tekkit and Feed the Beast Updates

Hello fellow Minecraftians.

We’ve made some additions to how our servers handle the Tekkit and FTB selections, and now seems like a good time to tell you, as we’ve just finished uploading what will probably be the last updates for a while.

If you’re unsure what FTB is, please see this post: http://www.minecraftserver.com.au/mods/feed-the-beast-modpack-server-hosting/

Tekkit 3.1.2

Tekkit 3.1.2 remains unchanged really. 3.1.2 has been stable for some time now.


Sometimes you might run into a corrupt config problem, so just delete your /config and /mods folders (or rename to keep them), then restart the server. Replacement files will automatically be installed when you restart the server (We suggest 2 reboots just to be safe).

Tekkit 3.1.3

Tekkit 3.1.3 has had many problems since it’s first release. Thus we’ve had to modify our distribution of the 3.1.3 Tekkit Server files. From a client perspective you shouldn’t notice any differences other than 3.1.3 not crashing on load.


You should now be able to upgrade a 3.1.2 server to a 3.1.3 server. PLEASE BACKUP BEFORE TRYING THIS. To upgrade, delete all folders except your world folders, then select the Tekkit 3.1.3 server jar.
If you had previously lost a 3.1.3 world, running this new 3.1.3 release may be able to restore the world.

Feed the Beast Beta-A

Our default Feed the Beast release is unmodified.


Multicraft does not register FTB completing startup. This doesn’t effect how FTB runs, however it does mean you won’t get to see a nice green light for “running” when viewing the panel.


This is a custom build of FTB Beta A. It includes a slightly updated Forge and also version 2.0 of this vanilla security mod:
Fihgu’s Command Mods


If you want to be able to open your FTB server to the public (no whitelist), you need this version or a similar mod running as without it griefing is quite likely. This mod adds basic zone protection along with many other features. Please see the above link for more details.

Final note: Our recent updates also make it reliable for users to change versions without the need to contact us for any server modification. The steps in a nutshell: Move all your server files to an “old” folder, select the new version you want to run, then start and stop the server twice. Once for the file copy, once for the load. Enjoy!

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