Multicraft Server Manager

We use the amazing Minecraft online management system - Multicraft. Using Multicraft allows you to manage your Minecraft server on a web interface hosted in our datacentre. We will email the website url address and login detail upon signup. You will be impressed by how easily it is to manage your server using Multicraft and the wide range of options it provides to manage your Minecraft server.

Multicraft Features

  • Hosted Web Interface that works in any browser, MAC, PC and Mobile
  • Install any modpack with the Multicraft auto installer
  • Stop, Start and Restart your server with a click of a button
  • Easily install any Bukkit Plugin from the Plugin List
  • Upload Plugins and Maps from the Files Menu
  • Chat with players on the server easily
  • Easily kick or ban players using the control panel
  • Define custom chat commands
  • Live server log and console access
  • Live Help Messenger Chat Service to Contact Us with any questions
  • Backup your world easily
  • Automatic restart on crash and restart can be requested in the game
  • Slick Ajax driven interface with live log/chat/player list
Plans and Pricing

Multicraft Server Manager

multicraft control panel interface

Multicraft Server Type Auto Installers

Current Modpacks available via our Auto-Installer.

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Something missing from our list? Contact us - we'll add it right away!

Multicraft Server Console

Multicraft Server Console

Multicraft FTP Files Manager

Multicraft ftp files manager

Multicraft Server Settings Configuration

Integrated Live Help Messenger Chat


Multicraft Backup and Restore Tool

Order your own Minecraft Server here at Minecraft Server Australia and begin using Multicraft now.
plans and pricing