Multicraft have released some shorts!

We've been playing around with Multicraft for a long time, and sometimes it can get a little confusing managing your server. Fortunately Multicraft have released some videos of their functions. We will of course add more of these in the future.

Multicraft Short: Custom Commands

  Ok, so this video shows a custom command in use. These actually aren't that tricky to setup. When logged into your server, just go to "manage commands", hit "create command", and then add the following to have the functionality shown above on your server. That should be it! With this setup, your server will now respond to "armor" - note that the command name does not need to be "armor". This is running on our test server now! No restrictions! Get your diamond Armor! Test Server More information can be found at Multicraft Commands Usage

Multicraft Short: Installing a Minecraft Server Mod

  Note: You do not need to download CraftBukkit like it shows in the above video, we manage this aspect for you We will also be providing the option to select which version of Minecraft/Bukkit you are using, and this will be added to the server selection drop-down box

Multicraft Short: IP authentication

  You can setup IP authentication for users allowing server access without having to bother with usernames and passwords. Personally I prefer using Minecraft usernames as id's, however if you want that extra level of security!

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