Minecraft 1.7.10 and EULA.txt update

What is going on?

Mojang have recently released Minecraft 1.7.10.

For a small update such as this we usually wouldn’t comment, however in this case Mojang have made a change that makes it more difficult for you to host your server.

The discussion surrounding Mojang’s recent enforcement of their EULA is quite the controversy. Here we’ll just focus on how to get your server online and playable again.

If your server is not starting and the console output says you need to accept the EULA.txt, this is for you.

It’s also worth nothing that at time of writing, the bukkit dev version requires this change as well.

Editing the EULA.txt

The EULA.txt file, on it’s last line, says this:


this needs to be changed to:


There is a simple way to get this done!

If you have australian minecraft hosting with us, just login to the panel and go to the “config files” menu option. Select the “EULA” option (you may need to check other pages), and then change the “false” to “true”. Make sure to hit the save button!

Alternatively, you can follow the steps below to do it via FTP:
1. Go to the FTP File Access link in your Multicraft panel
2. Once logged into the FTP, click to edit the eula.txt file and find the “eula=false” entry.
3. Change the false value to true, then save the file.
4. Restart your server in Multicraft.

Once you have made this change your server will start normally.
Fortunately you will only need to make this change once.

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I made this change and my server is doing fine. The only problem is that now that I made this change my plugins don’t load into my server. Please answer because I want my server to go somewhere.

Thank you in advance


Hi Victor, are you using multicraft? Have you made sure that CraftBukkit is loading and not default Vanilla Minecraft?

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