FTB Presents Direwolf20 1.10

Stats Total Downloads – 403,120 Created – Nov 15, 2016 Newest File – FTBPresentsDirewolf20110-1.6.1-1.10.2.zip Overview Join Direwolf20 in this FTB pack which mirrors and is based on his 1.10.2 YouTube series. The following fixes have been made: Player Probe not clearing its data properly. Laser Relay input/output only config. Fluid Laser pulls fluids on input mode. Laser Relay […]

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Project Ozone 2: Reloaded

Stats Total Downloads – 738,862 Created – May 10, 2016 Newest File – Project Ozone 2: Reloaded 2.2.5 EFU2 Overview Begin your quest the same way you always have – on the hunt for extra live and the sweet, sweet loot. The Titan Council, as always, will  be keeping a watchful eye from the heavens. […]

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FTB Presents Skyfactory 3

  Stats Total Downloads – 551,769 Created – Dec 31, 2016 Last Released File – Jan 26, 2017 Overview As  always, Skyblock has high-tech mods with full automation. Enjoy the classic rush that only comes from facing down the great void and certain death with nothing but some light shrubbery and a singular patch of dirt. The latest […]

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Top Minecraft Mod Packs of 2017

Minecraft’s popularity continues to defy conventional wisdom and the diversity of mod packs alone is testament to that. If you’re looking to try out a new mod pack for 2017,  here is all the information you’ll need to get going.  If there’s a mod pack you want enabled for your account which isn’t listed below, […]

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Minecraft 1.9 Snapshot

Minecraft 1.9 Snapshot First Look and Information Over the past week, Mojang have announced and released their first 1.9 snapshot “15W31C” for users to check out which includes a huge amount of awesome additions to the end, additional blocks, crops and more! Here’s our little round up, where we’ll show you what’s already here and […]

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Minecraft 1.9 News and Spoilers

minecraft 1.9 combat

Minecraft 1.9 is coming soon. Here is a Summary of all the information and Spoilers released about the Minecraft 1.9 update from Minecon and from the Minecraft Developer Dinnerbone. This photo shows the possible new player inventory which includes a shield, quiver and arrow slots. You can also see 5 different types of arrows. At […]

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Curse Voice Client for Minecraft Modpacks

curse for minecraft

I just got to take a good look at the Curse Voice Client for Minecraft, here are my thoughts on it, why I will be using it and why you should consider using it as well. First of all, there is super easy Minecraft modpack installs, if you want an existing prebuilt modpack, it’s easy […]

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7 Reasons Your Minecraft Server Might Be Lagging

why minecraft server lagging
In this article we will be going over 7 reasons why your Minecraft Server could be Lagging, although your server host could be causing the lag, a lot of the time its a problem with plugins, mods or your world, Lets get right into it! 1. Plugins (outdated), when your server starts to lag, it […]
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Spigot 1.8 Server Update Released

spigot 1.8 update

Plugins are back! A full version of Spigot 1.8 has been released to allow your Minecraft 1.8 Server to have plugins again. Note - There was a previous "Spigot 1.8" however this was actually just a 1.7 server version that would accept 1.8 client connections. So what does this mean? In case you weren't aware, […]

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No more Bukkit? No more Spigot?

no more bukkit?

The Bukkit/Mojang Saga We might as well start at the start. A few weeks back one of the main contributors to the Bukkit project, EvilSeph, decided to shutdown the Bukkit project in reaction to Mojang’s recent enforcement of their EULA. Mojang (Jeb_) tweeted back stating that they actually owned Bukkit, and if necessary would continue […]

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