Minecraft 1.8 Update Released

minecraft18 update released
Minecraft 1.8 - Update is finally Released After Months of waiting Minecraft 1.8 has finally been released. Minecraft 1.8 has taken the Mojang team over 300 days to create and release and has had many snapshots and pre-releases. There is a huge list of changes and we are going to run through some of the […]
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Support Role Job Opening

support job role
Interested in Working for us as a Support Admin? Hello As our business here at Minecraft Server Australia continues to grow we need to bring on more support staff to help handle the work load. If you are a keen to work as a Support Admin for us and have experience in the following: - […]
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Minecraft 1.7.10 and EULA.txt update


What is going on? Mojang have recently released Minecraft 1.7.10. For a small update such as this we usually wouldn’t comment, however in this case Mojang have made a change that makes it more difficult for you to host your server. The discussion surrounding Mojang’s recent enforcement of their EULA is quite the controversy. Here […]

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Minecraft Pocket Edition Server Hosting

Hi guys. We are happy to announce we are now selling Minecraft Pocket Edition Servers. If you want to play Minecraft with your friends on your Android or iOS device, now you can. Minecraft Pocket Edition has been downloaded a huge 16.5 million times. Previously it was not possible to play on servers for this […]
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Sky Factory – Modded Skyblock

Hi guys. My new favourite modpack is Sky Factory - Modded Skyblock. This is a heavily modded version of skyblock that revolves around the Ex Nihilo mod and it's companion Ex Alquio. The modpack was created by Bacon Donut a twitch Minecraft streamer, and has been gaining a lot of popularity on youtube and with […]
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Instant Server Setup

instant server setup
We are happy to announce that just two weeks ago we introduced Instant Server Setup for all our Minecraft Servers. Previously this was a manual process where our admins or support team would manually setup your server and then email the login details. We had the multicraft developers custom code us a solution to integrate […]
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MCPC+ Mods and Plugins Working Together

MCPC+ Hi All. Writing about a very handy jar that allows you to run mods and plugins at the same time. It is called MCPC+ Plugins and Mods Before we start talking about what MCPC+ is, we should have discussion regarding the difference between mods and plugins. Plugins A "plugin" is essentially a bukkit plugin. […]
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FTB Unleashed Modpack Hosting

I am just posting to quickly mention our current favourite Modpack - FTB Unleashed This is a custom modpack of over 100+ different mods combined to totally enhance and add a lot more fun to your Minecraft experience. It has gained large popularity recently and replaces the Feed The Beast Ultimate Pack as the primary […]
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Damn Creepers

damn creepers
Peter and Anthony from Minecraft Server Australia wearing their new Minecraft Heads and doing a real life version of the Damn Creepers scenario many players face.
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Voltz Modpack Minecraft Server Hosting

voltz minecraft server hosting
The Recently released Voltz modpack is now available on our Hosting Servers. If you have a Server with us we can install this for you very easily. Voltz is a Minecraft Modpack recently released by the TechnicTeam. The Voltz mod pack consists of various minecraft mods that use the Universal Electricity API and the pack […]
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