Minecraft Pocket Edition Server Hosting

Hi guys.

We are happy to announce we are now selling Minecraft Pocket Edition Servers. If you want to play Minecraft with your friends on your Android or iOS device, now you can.

Minecraft Pocket Edition has been downloaded a huge 16.5 million times. Previously it was not possible to play on servers for this version of Minecraft.

All that's required is an Android or iOS device with the Minecraft Pocket Edition App with a Wifi connection and you can connect to a server and begin playing with your friends.

All the pocket Edition server plans are installed with Multicraft and use the PocketMine server software.

minecraft pocket edition server hosting

The PocketMine website can be viewed below:


Some of the Features of PocketMine include:

Plugin Support - Add awesome extensions and features to your server (similar to bukkit plugins)
Multi World System - Load multiple levels at once and teleport back and forth between them.
Full Control - Whitelist your server, Teleport players, remote console.
Cheat Protection - Disable flying, item hacking, running and more.

You can view our Minecraft Pocket Edition Server Plans Here, and Buy Your own Server Today.

You can view more information and FAQ on the PocketMine software here

To connect to the server in Minecraft Pocket Edition you go to:
Play -> Edit -> External, then fill the server details

We will be uploading a tutorial video on how to setup, connect to and manage a Pocket Edition Server in the coming days, and will upload it to our video tutorials page below. Check it out if you haven't already.



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