MCPC+ Mods and Plugins Working Together


Hi All. Writing about a very handy jar that allows you to run mods and plugins at the same time. It is called MCPC+

Plugins and Mods

Before we start talking about what MCPC+ is, we should have discussion regarding the difference between mods and plugins.


A "plugin" is essentially a bukkit plugin. Bukkit plugins are "server-side", meaning that your plugins don't require your users to load the plugins locally.


Mods are bit a different. While a bukkit plugin is server-side only, mods always require that everyone who joins the server have the mods loaded locally (i.e on their computer or Minecraft Client) and on the server itself. If you've used one of the Tekkit or FTB modpacks you will have seen the mods downloading to your local system. Mods usually use the "Forge" mod system.

Do I need MCPC+?

Do you run a Tekkit, Feed the Beast or some other modpack and want to run some bukkit plugins as well? Then MCPC+ is for you.

You see the problem is that there aren't many mods that assist with managing your server. Plugins such as Worldedit, WorldGuard and Essentials can be pretty essential when it comes to managing a server.

So if you're running a server using mods and you need some Bukkit plugins, just switch your server over to the corresponding version of MCPC+. For example a version of FTB that uses Minecraft 1.5.2 can be switched over to 'MCPC+ 1.5.2 R1.1' without issue. The server will still run just as it was, with the only difference being that your server now supports plugins. Just upload any plugin you want to run to the /plugins directory (or the /mods directory if you want to add more mods).

How do I install this in Multicraft?

Select the MCPC+ version you need in Multicraft in the Server Type Selection dropdown.

MCPC+ multicraft

Hit save changes, and restart the server.

If you want to do it yourself then you can find the MCPC+ server jars here: 1.6.x - 1.5.2 - 1.4.7

Make sure the server jar you choose matches your version of Minecraft.

Upload your desired mods and plugins to their corresponding folder via FTP. Then Restart the Server.

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