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Hi guys.

My new favourite modpack is Sky Factory - Modded Skyblock. This is a heavily modded version of skyblock that revolves around the Ex Nihilo mod and it's companion Ex Alquio.

skyfactory minecraft hosting

The modpack was created by Bacon Donut a twitch Minecraft streamer, and has been gaining a lot of popularity on youtube and with streamers on twitch. This is for good reason, as it combines the fun of skyblock with heaps of other mods to enhance the experience. It is really satisfying building every block and creating a world in the void starting from nothing. Bacon Donut is streaming this modpack a lot and if you want to see him playing it, check out his stream.

The List of mods and information can be found here

You can download the AT Launcher that is required to run this modpack at this link

Please visit this Pastebin link here for a full breakdown of the notes and information about the pack.

Sky Factory Challenges
Here are some of challenges to complete in this pack, there are currently over 36 challenges all up to complete.

1) Build a cobblestone generator
2) Build an automated cobblestone generator
3) Infest a tree with Silkworms
4) Craft a Sieve
5) Collect rainwater in an Oak Barrel
6) Build a proper house
7) Make an ink farm
8) Build a second layer to your island, below the level you started from
9) Make a slime farm

To download this modpack.
Install the AT Launcher, then under the Packs section for SkyFactory Click New Instance

atlauncher skyfactory

Then click on the Instances Tab and click the Play button for Sky Factory

Here is Bacon Donuts youtube tutorial on how to setup Sky Factory

To install a SkyFactory Server if you are a customer of Minecraft Server Australia:

In multicraft on your server page, select SkyFactory in the Server Type drop down list.

skyfactory multicraft install

Then type in a new name in the world field. and hit the save changes button and restart the server.

If you are already running another modpack then you will need to follow these instructions to remove the old mod and config folders first.

Get this modpack a try folks, as it is loads of fun and really addictive, and playing it on a server with your friends really adds to the enjoyment.

18 Responses

I would like to play this server


Can I play on this server. What is the IP.


We don’t have a modded Skyblock server running sorry, however you can purchase a server from us and we’d be happy to setup Sky Factory on a server for you.


what version of sky factory is this i bought a server but idk what version of sky factory is needed to play this


Hi Ian,

whatever version of Sky Factory is out, we’ll support it, as well as legacy versions for those not wishing to upgrade.


Dafuq wheres the download link


oh duh nvm


i want to play on this server with you it is my fav modpack


Hi Mark,

sorry we’re not playing any modpacks ourselves at the moment, you can at least play it single player though! We don’t run any public modded servers simply because there is so much involved in managing them.


I’m a new player so yea… I need to ask please add this as a servers that will make this sky factory will be a hit please please I repeat please make this a server i will really apreshiate it please please do it and I speak for all of us we need this as a server please


Hi Bob, sorry I’d love to help you, but I don’t know what you’re talking about. Please write again and try to be clearer with what it is you are asking.


Help I got sky Factory but I cant play WHY????


Hi Dylan, going to need more information than “it’s not working” to be able to help.


hi pete i just want to know which version of java do i use for the at launcher and can you please give me a link to the download thanks!!!!


Hi Hayden. It is recommended to run the 64bit version of Java 8 or 7 with the AT launcher. We cant give a direct link to the download as you have to get it from the AT Launcher itself. Install the AT Launcher, then under the Packs section for SkyFactory Click the New Instance button.


This seems like a nice modpack! I have been searching forever and finally found this! Thanks People!


Do you HAVE to have the ATLauncher to play skyfactory or can you just download the mods, make the factory your self and play?


It is best to use the AT Launcher to play Sky Factory, as it just makes life a lot easier. You could possibly download all the mods individually and setup forge on your own Minecraft client, but there is no real reason to do this when you can just use the AT launcher.

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