Uploading a Custom Minecraft World

Hi All, say you’ve downloaded a Custom Minecraft world you want to play, or you’ve created a world in MCedit, or you just want to upload your local world to the server. How do you do it? While most of the steps to do this are pretty straight forward, there are quite a few of them, so we thought it would be worth having a detailed set of instructions of exactly this situation.
1 – Get an FTP program
Before we explore uploading the world itself, you’re going to need the ability to upload files to your world. While it’s possible to do this via the panel, this is limited to 2mb, and thus isn’t the best option for uploading an entire world.So what you’ll need to do is download filezilla, a free and open source FTP client. FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol, and has been around almost as long as the internet itself (it actually pre-dates TCP and IP technologies!). You can download Filezilla here for all major OS’s: http://filezilla-project.org/download.php?type=client
With Filezilla installed, you’re now ready to:
2 – Connect to your server
When you first signed up with Minecraft Server Australia, you should have received FTP login details for your server, along with your Minecraft connection details. With Filezilla open, you place these details here:
(click to enlarge)
Host = the host of your server (if you have your own IP address, this will work as well).
Username = your panel username with a full stop and a number following your username (this is included in the email sent out).
Password = your panel password.
Port = is not required (but you can enter 21 if you want).Then just hit connect, and you’re connected to your server!
3 – How world folders work
Now that you’re connected to your server, you should see 1 or 2 folders that are the “default” world folders. They should look something like the following:

If you don’t have a “_nether” folder, don’t panic, it isn’t generated until you actually travel to the nether in that world.
There is no need to have the same name for the worlds you are going to upload. So while the worlds you have locally may have the same name, you should really just change the local world names to something new.
I.e. instead of “world” and “world_nether”, make your local world files read something like “worldnew”, and “worldnew_nether”. By using this method you can have as many worlds on your server as you like. You just run each one a time (or more if you’re modding!).
4 – Uploading the world files
So now that you have renamed your local world files, all you have to is drag and drop them over to the server side of Filezilla (where the other world folders are), and you should see the worlds start uploading. Say we were uploading files named “worldnew”, we would then see something like this:

You’ve now successfully uploaded your first world! The only thing left to do now is run it.
5 – Setting your server to run the uploaded world
Now all you need to do is type in the name of the world folders that you uploaded earlier. Make sure you save these changes! Example shown here:
multicraft load new world
With the page saved, you can now restart your server, and you’ll then be running the world you’ve uploaded. Just join your server and you’ll be in your new world.
6 – Other notes
1 – Annoyingly the spawn point can change when running an uploaded world for the first time, particularly if the world is from a different minecraft version. Sometimes even if it’s the same. Downloading the world and editing it with MCEdit or similar will resolve the issue 80% of the time, but the only 100% solution is to use a mod of some type to control the spawn point. We’ll be posting details on mods for this in the near future.
1.5 – The new spawn point will at least remain stable, so often the solution is to set the world to creative mode, and build 2 portals running between the incorrect and correct spawn points. This is kind of fun to do anyway, and is a reliable solution for a world you’ll be playing for a long time. Just turn off creative mode when done.
2 – Using step 5, you can generate a brand new world if you wish. Just put a new world folder name in instead of any folder name already used (i.e just mash the keyboard).
3 – Filezilla is really useful for managing your server, so take a look at the Minecraft Wiki website for more information on the files.
4 – Custom worlds! Here is the main minecraft forum for finding custom worlds for download (Download a few, upload them all, and just keep changing the world folder to try out each one!) – http://www.minecraftforum.net/forum/53-maps/

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