Feed The Beast Modpack

The Recently released modpack Feed the Beast is now available on our Hosting Servers. If you have a Server with us we can install this for you very easily.

Feed the beast has a lot of the mods that Tekkit uses, but its a lot more up to date and has newer mods to make this modpack even more fun than tekkit.

To install this select the type of FTB Server you want in multicraft in the Server Type drop down selector. Save Changes and Restart Your server and it will install automatically.

ftb modpack hosting

Please Note: FTB Unleashed needs to have the jar file run from the base directory of your server or it just crashes. Please contact us if you need FTB Unleashed installed for you.

You can download the client install from their website : http://feed-the-beast.com/

The Mods used in Feed the Beat are listed here:

Minecraft Forge - Chickenbones Core - NEI - Rei's Minimap - Advanced Machines - Buildcraft - Computer Craft - Ender Storage - Extra Bees - ExtraBiomes XL - Factorization - Forestry - ForgeIRC - Gregtech - Industrial Craft - Inventory Tweaks - Iron Chests - Twilight Forest - Advanced Solar Panels - GraviSuite - Modular Forcefield System - Mystcraft - Obsidian Pressure Plates - Portal Gun - Railcraft - Steve's Carts - Thermal Expansion

Below is a video of sethbling doing a lets play using the modpack, showing off how some of it works and using a computer turtle do to work for you:

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Just wondering before i buy a server and use it as FTB, do you run the latest FTB Mindcrack pack? (v7)
Tim Hilliar


Hi Tim,

yes and we keep updating FTB, we’re never more than 24 hours behind the latest update.


Do you host Yogcraft modpack servers???


Yep :)


I have a fairly well established FTB server on my PC.
Do you have the facilities in that I can upload my own world to play on?



Hi Tom,

yes you can certainly upload a server you have been running locally (or anywhere else for that matter). We provide full FTP access to all servers, so you can upload a previous world and mods without issue.


Does anyone have a trouble using the FTB launcher then trying to log in on your own server and saying its missing mods?


Hi Shaun,

this is pretty common. Now and again FTB modpacks update without changing their version number and this creates a lot of problems. Generally it’s best to remove all your local files and then re-download the modpack.


Hi, I’m just wondering if there’s an easy way to disable some of the mods in the FTB modpack.



Hi Bill, if you’re using our auto-install system, you’ll need to replace the mod you want to remove with an empty file. The easiest way is to open the mod in a text editor and remove everything in there.

Alternatively, you can switch to MCPC+, using the corresponding version for the modpack you’re playing, and then you can manipulate the files any way you’d like.

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