Minecraft 1.0 Full Release is Here!

Its finally here!

Mojang at the Minecon launch in Las Vegas have released Minecraft 1.0

Essentially this update has all the 1.9 features and addons that many people have already been testing in all the 1.9 pre releases.

This is big news for the team at Mojang, coming from such a humble beginning to getting the game to full release after countless beta updates. This game truly has come such a long way and will continue for a while to come, but it is great to finally see an official 1.0 release.

The Team here at minecraft server australia are very interested to see if the game can continue to grow in popularity going forward. Minecraft has already seen huge success on the PC and now it is getting set to spread its wings onto the Xbox and the iPhone iOS platform.

To view a full list of the features in 1.0 you can view the wiki here.

Some of the key features of the new 1.0 update include:

You can toggle between three states when pressing F5 (first person, third person back, third person front)

End Portals take the player from the Overworld to The End. To go back to the Overworld, one must defeat the Enderdragon and jump through the portal that appears.

New Biomes.
Snowy Biomes.
Swamp Biomes adjusted to appear "swampier."
Mushroom Biomes.

New sound effects
New Mobs:
Enderdragon (Boss Mob)
Enderdragon eggs
Mooshroom Cows.
NPCs in Villages, as Villager Mobs.
Snow Golem mob.

Animal Breeding.
Item Repair
Potions, Splash Potions, Potion effects, Brewing Stand, and Brewing.
Enchantment Table, and Enchanting

Below you can view Notch's keynote and Minecraft launch video from Minecon. The keynote is hosted by Minecraft Chick and goes through the history of the game, the developers, the xbox and iOS launches and heaps of other information. Check it out.

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