How to upload a mod using Multicraft and Bukkit

Hi Everyone!

So after 24 hours, my videos have finally finished uploading to youtube! I'm definitely compressing the videos before upload next time...

Anyway, these videos should show you how to download a mod from, upload that mod to your server, restarting the server, and then how to confirm the mod is working!

These are my first youtube videos, so please bear with me! Your comments will affect how I go about making future videos, so please give me some feedback! I might add some videos explaining how FTP works further down the line, however there are already hundreds out there, and I imagine most people wanting to run mods on their server will already be well aware of how to connect to the server via FTP..

So without further ado, the videos -

Part 1 - Downloading the mod

Part 2 - Uploading the Mod to your server

Part 3 - Restarting and checking your server

Part 4 - Using the mod!

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