Survival Map – Desert Oasis

Hey guys.

I have been having a lot of fun playing the vanilla style survival Minecraft maps recently and decided to try a new one – Desert Oasis Survival Map.

“This is a single-player/multi-player map at which you are stuck on a tropical OASIS in the middle of the desert where you must survive! You start out with one tree at which you must replant, and survive before nighttime comes.”
1) You are not allowed to go into the void surrounding the desert.

2) No hax0ring”

I was enticed by the screenshots and the long list of challenges to complete (Over 80 all up), and plus the idea of a small little oasis amongst the desert sounded fun.

I played this multiplayer on a server we host with a mate. From the get go we were on the defensive trying to get a basic house together to survive the first night. A few deaths, countless creeper explosions and many laughs along the way we moved onto building our proper base. We chose the giant sand hill as a perfect place for the base and began building a staircase up.

I have really been enjoying play proper Vanilla minecraft and not hacking in any items, where you have to struggle just to survive and build a shelter, so the survival style of maps are great for this.

There are quite a few things to discover such as an island in the sky, a secret house under the map in the caves and a monster dungeon.

You can download the map here: and view the map thread and challenge list here:

Here are some screenshots of the map.

minecraft desert oasis map

minecraft desert oasis

Download it, upload it to your server and let the adventure begin!

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Thanks for posting. I haven’t seen any desert based survival maps like this before.


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