Minecraft Beta 1.7 – Adventure Update


So Notch has been working hard on the Minecraft Beta 1.7 Adventure Update in his spare time in between appearing at the E3 Gaming convention. I have been following the Mojang team on twitter and have complied some of the key points and features that are due in the next update. They have been trying […]

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Minecraft Beta v1.6 Update Changes

minecraft update nether multiplayer

With notch releasing the update to v1.6 there were many a grinning fool waiting in anticipation for there were a number of big changes worth nothing. Minecraft Beta v1.6 new features were: New features: + Added Nether support to multiplayer + The client will ask minecraft.net if the current login is valid. If the server […]

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Multicraft is Awesome

Very early on in our server build we found Multicraft to be the perfect Minecraft hosting system for us. You can find their website at multicraft.org.

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Welcome to our new Minecraft Blog

Hey everyone, Welcome to the our new Minecraft Blog, we will be posting the latest information and news on Minecraft, server management, tips, tricks and more. Our aim is to keep you up to date with everything Minecraft related to help you have the most fun possible playing the game. With Notch uploading Minecraft updates […]
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