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We can host any FTB Feed The Beast Server Modpack. We have Auto Mod Pack Installers for the following FTB Servers and list their Recommended Memory RAM Amount. If your looking for a Fast Australian FTB Server then you are in the right place.
feed the beast servers australia ftb hosting australia
Mod Pack Mods Used Memory Needed
FTB Agrarian Skies 111+ 2 GB +
FTB Monster 110+ 2 GB +
FTB Direwolf20 100+ 2 GB +
FTB Unleashed 100+ 1.5 GB +
FTB Ultimate 90+ 1.5 GB +
FTB Horizons 90+ 1.5 GB +
FTB Lite 26 1 GB +
FTB Unhinged 30 1 GB +
FTB TechWorld 30 1 GB +
FTB Magic World 20 1 GB +
FTB YogCraft 36 1.5 GB +
FTB Uses alot of Memory compared to other modpacks, so higher Server Plans with more Ram are recommended to run these FTB Servers without lag. Each player connecting to a FTB Server like Mindcrack can use up to 700mb of Ram alone.

We have a Test FTB Ultimate and Unleashed Server that you can connect to and test our server connection. Please Contact Us for the IP Address.
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